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Our Story

We all started as lifelong learners, addicted to enhancing our lives and others.

Some of us still have to resist giving free seminars to unsuspecting passengers on delayed flights!  It’s just that we love, love, love helping build skills and transforming cultures.

In the early years, we operated lean with low overhead and high hopes, building our client lists and a bevy of subject matter experts to serve our growing list of clients.  Some of us still hung onto a few 8-tracks and cassette tapes for nostalgia’s sake. (Okay, there were a few mullets and parachute pants to boot!)

20 more trips around the sun later and we continue to grow and learn better ways to convey skills while building teams and leaders along the way.

Since that first year of the modem “You’ve Got Mail!” internet, we’ve grown along with our clients.  We’ve established a handsome library of in-demand courses and continue to be known for matching just the right facilitator to our client’s learning needs.

We’ve expanded our training functions to include culture transformation, coaching and assessments.

Our Principles

We’ve stuck with the basics.

Simplify, simplify, simplify: We always hear clients say how refreshing it is to work with us, as we do the heavy lifting for you to ensure an on-track learning experience.

Continuous Improvement: We develop numerous new virtual classroom courses each year, and we’ve learned that certain subjects are more suited for web-based delivery than others. As technology advances, we will continue to innovate and create new skill-building solutions. Check back often to see what’s new.

Be real and realistic: Always be true to our mission We want to set our clients up for success, so we’ll be honest and prevent you from cramming 18 hours of curriculum into one 2-hour workshop. We strive to show you realistic skill-building time frames at varying levels of learning.

Match-making: Form the best-fit partnerships to create a Win/Win/Win with our clients, their teams and their organizations.

Tech-Flex: Antennas always up to bring new and creative learning methods and platforms to our clients.

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Our Credentials

Our facilitators are subject matter experts (SME) with real world experiences, delivering training in multiple countries. Our talent includes seasoned professionals who have conducted thousands of hours of learning in the public, private, corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. We are proud to have a cadre of experts, Certified Speaking Professionals (CSPs), a designation awarded by the National Speakers Association (NSA) to speaking professionals with proven track records, Certified Virtual Presenters (CVPs), Certified Marketing Consultants, Certified Customer Service Professionals (CCSP), and more!

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