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Answers to General Questions About Onsite Training

Our full-day courses usually run from  9 am – 4 pm, Depending on you logistical preferences. We flex our day to your scheduling needs.

Longer training sessions aren’t always better. Your learning goals and content determine your session timings. We are happy to discuss skill-building goals and how optimal adult learning can best be achieved.

Certain courses are best served with a perfect balance of individual attention vs group interaction. Based on years of experience, we have suggested ratios designed to give you optimal training results.

No. We will base your investment on a variety of factors:   course topic, length of each session, and the total number of participants.

 We devote a great deal of care in prescribing workable solutions to your skill-building needs.

We are well aware of the precious investment of time your team members put in to sharpen their skills.  As much as we’d love a drive-thru experience, we will always advise options that can adequately meet your needs.  We’d much rather over-deliver a rock-solid event with time for practical applications than have your learners feel like they’ve been through a rushed data blast.

We provide course materials for virtual events in PDF format.

On-site event materials are shipped to your location.

A classroom setting with the following tools:

An LCD projector, a screen or tv for participant viewing, a sound jack for pc audio, An interactive room set up, flip chart paper, easels and markers.

Your facilitator will have a pre-event strategy call to discuss specific AV needs.

Absolutely not!  Many of our experts are published authors with a vast knowledge of educational tools to extend your learning.  When asked, we always recommend solutions to participants.

Yes. Part of our Success Checklist, your pre-event tailoring call is a key part of our exceptional service to ensure we understand and can deliver your skill-building goals.

Although we specialize in on-site and virtual group learning, we have a robust library of on-demand self-paced course offerings in a 24/7/365 All-You-Can-Learn LMS platform.

All our onsite courses are private and specific to each client. We want your learning experience to be customized to your organization and industry.

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Answers to Questions About Tailoring

Your facilitator will work with you to determine your course agenda.

We will work with you to be sure to pinpoint and advise the best way to

combine and convey your optimal course content.

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Answers to Questions About Materials

Almost all of our courses are created internally.  Some curriculum is sourced from our subject matter experts.

Although we do not sell our copyrighted content, we do have licensing and train-the-trainer options to consider on a case-by-case basis.

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Answers to Questions About Our Extended Learning Tools

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We advocate blended learning and accountability. We can bundle coaching sessions with your learning. Pricing depends on scope and goals.


We have available customized options for leadership summits, board retreats, strategy sessions that benefit most from an expert facilitator to moderate and inspire productive interactions. Rates vary depending on scope.

We have an assortment of inspiring, motivating, content-rich keynoters to choose from if you need just the right kick-off or action-planning closing to any special event. Rates vary depending on scope, timeline and availability.

Answers to Questions About Pricing

As with any professional service firm, we do not run specials or discount our services. For less expensive options, consider our online training courses or virtual-classroom programs.
We can’t comment on why others charge less or charge more. We can tell you our facilitators arehighly experienced and command fees beyond those paid to beginners.
Yes. If you schedule and pay for multiple courses in advance, we offer a 5% discount.
We are a registered vendor with the System for Award Management (SAM), but we no longer maintain GSA schedule. We offer our government clients competitive rates and are happy to reply to your RFQ, RFP or market research inquiry.
Usually. Our goal is to maintain relationships with our clients. Please contact us.

Answers to Questions About Content Ownership

No. The fees shown on the pricing chart are for course delivery. They do not cover content ownership. Without prior permission, it is not okay to hire us for the purpose of copying our work. Please ask about our train-the-trainer models.

Answers to Questions About Virtual Classroom Training

We feature a variety of virtual sessions: A Power Hour (for select super-burst content), 90 minutes, and 2 or 3 hours (depending on your learning goals) We have discovered a sweet spot for virtual training maxes out at about 4 hours
Best case scenario, each participant has his/her own device with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection. We’d love to see their smiling faces , so web cams and speakers really enhance the learning experience.

We know group trainings happen often—we have learned that the ultimate participation and engagement comes when participants have individual devices—even when in the same room. There is a special magic from interacting individually and we would welcome the chance to show you!  

Recording packages are available on a case-by-case basis with special access and fee licensing options.



Facilitation, Keynote Speaking, and Consulting Fees


Executive retreats, strategic-planning meetings, and gatherings to address workplace change oftenrequire a skilled facilitator to craft a framework and guide discussions. We provide this service at a rateof $5,000 per day.

Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, we can pair you with someone who will engage, entertain, and educate your group. Keynote presentations range from 45 minutes to an hour. We provide keynote speakers at a rate of $7,500 per event.


Sometimes clients have needs not addressed by training, coaching, facilitation, or keynote speaking. For those clients, we offer a broad range of consulting services. Fees for consulting depend entirely on the complexity of the project and are handled on a case-by-case basis.
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FAQs for Government and Military Clients

We have a rich history of partnering with Federal, state and local government agencies, as well as with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard.
We understand your uniqueness and develop workshops specifically designed to meet the challenges for each sector.
We also have delivered many workshops from our standard catalog to civilian divisions within those organizations.


Yes, we will accept an SF-182s.

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Yes, along with a purchase order, SF-182, or signed confirmation letter.

Yes, we can provide you with a turnkey quote.

Yes- we will flex to your scheduling needs.

Yes-we can also  make special arrangements to have course presentations uploaded to your secure file server. We will follow your security protocols.

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More questions? Simple contact us and let’s find you a solution!

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