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To be the most customer-centric, valued, and compassionate organizational improvement consulting firm. A place where we join our clients in their aspirations and difficulties imparting the best of ourselves, our tools, and our methodologies to guide our clients in achieving their highest potential.

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Learn to actively engage your employees so they are more interested in their work, so they can be more productive, care more about the quality of what they produce, and so they are more likely to positively impact your organization.

Our Vision

A world where every organization achieves its highest potential through an amazing culture, incredible leaders, enthusiastic and fulfilled people, and fanatical customers.

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Engage YOUniversity has been supporting stellar work performance for over 20 years. We value the
Opportunity to partner with your organization to provide learning solutions to ensure the ongoing
Development of your greatest asset, your workforce.
Whether it’s an onsite Change Mastery workshop, a monthly Leadership Series, a virtual course on
Motivating Your Hybrid Workforce, or one of our 24/7/365 On-Demand Excel refresher courses —
We’ve got you covered.

We are here to support you as you hire, train and nurture your top talent.
We collaborate with you to learn about your challenges, goals and objectives then form a strategy that
Provides the groundwork for continuous growth and development. We want to earn the opportunity to
Transform your talent by providing the right skills and behaviors to achieve business success

Let’s share a strategy call about solutions to help you transform your culture! 625d42fedb452

Onsite Training

Yes! We make house calls!  We come to YOU with a variety of custom-curated content that drives engagement through experiential learning.

We use YOUR verbiage, YOUR industry jargon, YOUR “sticky situations, “YOUR real-world Challenges. Each course is unique to YOUR learning goals. Our pre-event interviews get to the heart of your group’s individual needs. We want to thoroughly understand the levels of expertise in the room long before we arrive onsite.  Once we understand your desired outcomes, we can diagnose a strategy to address specific skills. 

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Virtual Online Training

Our virtual training provides a learning experience for your employees who work off-site or are in multiple locations. Our virtual classroom courses, like our in-person programs, are live sessions conducted by premiere training facilitators. We’ve structured these seminars to promote participation, so don’t expect a lecture-style “Death by PowerPoint” presentation!
Some of the virtual engagement activities we feature:
  • Real-time chats
  • Polling questions
  • Breakouts
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Discussion groups
  • Games
  • Real play and more.
student using laptop having online class with teacher

24/7/365 On-Demand Training

For an organization to succeed, interactive, ongoing education is essential. Having access to knowledge-based content in real time–any time, any place, any topic–provides the flexibility and convenience needed as your workforce manages the demands of daily priorities and interruptions. Engage YOUniversity can customize and curate an LMS specifically for your organization and individual teams. Our all-you-can-learn buffet is available 24/7/365 for all your skill-building needs. 

Learners can focus learning at their own pace and on their own time with our on-demand learning. Yes, even if you’re a night owl and you just feel like learning at 2:00 a.m.we’re there for YOU!  Or if you are on the beach soaking up the sun—we’re there.

Our self-directed training is secure and flexible and can be accessed on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
Our On-Demand training includes:

  • Videos
  • Knowledge exams
  • Interaction
  • Reflection
  • Practical application activities
  • Analytical reporting
  • Engagement resources for reinforcing key skills

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Proven Organizational Development Solutions

Organizational Sustainment

Organizations should be a sustainable resource. This includes their people and leaders. We help you increase organizational sustainability through leader engagement, cultural analysis, and proven implementation methods

Leader Development

Great leaders drive performance, make organizational change and increase market adaptability. Through coaching, training, and facilitation we can help you create systemically focused leaders that can balance the people and production needs of the organizations.

Cultural Adaptability

Adaptive cultures consistently outperform their non adaptive peers. We can give you a detailed analysis on what parts of your culture are driving and inhibiting market adaption with concrete ways to make lasting improvements.

Change Management

Managing change effectively is a competitive advantage. We will help you manage your individual changes but we also understand you have a vast portfolio of change initiatives. We will help you understand and manage your change landscape increasing your likelihood of success.


How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!

Learn to actively engage your employees so they are more interested in their work, so they can be more productive, care more about the quality of what they produce, and so they are more likely to positively impact your organization.


Harry Paul Speaker & Best-Selling Author of FISH! , REVVED! & Instant Turnaround! Says “Kelli is a delightful speaker who instantly connects with her audiences with humor, wit and information that is instantly applicable. The tools she shares will help you and your staff become more motivated, productive, and innovative. She is the breath of fresh air needed in these tough and turbulent times.”
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"I love, Love, LOVED your presentation yesterday – it was just the boost needed for my organization. I can’t wait to get your recap materials and start injecting some more fun ideas! Thanks again!”
Stacey L. R., PHR / Practice Manager / Midwest Cardiology Associates

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At Engage YOUniversity, we strive to understand your unique skill-building goals. No two organizations are ever exactly alike. We want to hear about YOUR culture, YOUR unique challenges, to focus on YOUR talented team members, celebrate YOUR successes and accelerate YOUR growth areas.

Our mission is to make YOUR learning strategies tremendously fruitful,  so we can share an impactful partnership of personal and professional development

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