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Kelli Vrla CSP is an internationally renowned Employee Engagement Specialist, that has enlightened and “entertrained” thousands in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Central America with her dynamic programs. Kelli shares over 30 years of lessons and experience: Sixteen years as a broadcast sales executive in radio and another 16 years as the CEO of her own people ENGAGEMENT firm. 

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How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!
Kelli Vrla, CSP

31 easy to read, easy to learn lessons with fun quizzes!

Learn to actively engage your employees so they are more interested in their work, so they can be more productive, care more about the quality of what they produce, and so they are more likely to positively impact your organization.

Embrace the Power of OPA: Optimize, Personalize, & Actualize TODAY!


PLUS – When you graduate from this course, you will receive this Digital Package and Consultation Valued at $255.00!!!
– “READY, SET ENGAGE!” Audio Book
– Kelli’s “Quick Wins Action Planning Worksheets”
– AND a FREE 30-minute Consultation on Engagement
You and Kelli will determine your next best steps to kick-start or enhance your current Engagement Program – Define the culture you want  /  Check out your current metrics  /  Take you through an Engagement Checklist  /  Discuss your overall Engagement Strategy Goals to be sure you’re on target!




The Course and the Free Digital Package (Valued at $255.00)
ALL for only: 
$97 !!!