How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!
Kelli Vrla, CSP

Employee Engagement: What is it? Why is it important? How can you do it right?

Less than one third of employees are actively engaged in their jobs! Based on a recent HR Solutions’ survey, only 27 percent of employees are ‘Actively Engaged.’ The remaining 73 percent is divided between ‘Ambivalent’ employees (60 percent) and ‘Actively Disengaged’ employees (13 percent).

Actively engaged employees are more interested in their work, can be more productive, can care more about the quality of what they produce, & are more likely to positively impact your organization.

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You and Kelli will determine your next best steps to kick-start or enhance your current Engagement Program – Define the culture you want  /  Check out your current metrics  /  Take you through an Engagement Checklist  /  Discuss your overall Engagement Strategy Goals to be sure you’re on target!

There are three types of employees: those who will work, those who won’t work, and those who just won’t quit! ~ Kelli Vrla


With Kelli’s course, you will DISCOVER:

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Lesson 1 – Employee Engagement
Lesson 2 – The hidden costs of disengaged employees
Lesson 3 – Here are some tangible drivers of engagement
Lesson 4 – Key Areas Influencing ENGAGEMENT
Lesson 5 – Questions you can ask to gauge EE at your Organization
Lesson 6  Questions We Should Be Asking
Lesson 7 – Let’s Recap Your Engagement Plan
Lesson 8 – New Buzzwords And Future Trends
Lesson 9 – Different Ways To Measure Engagement

Lesson 10 – Let the Coffee Stir the Cream
Lesson 11 – Behavior Rewarded is Repeated
Lesson 12 – Discipline vs Damage Control
Lesson 13 – Intent vs Impact
Lesson 14 – Mind the Gap
Lesson 15 – Put on Your Big-Girl Pants and DEAL WITH IT
Lesson 16 – E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome)
Lesson 17 – Circle of Control
Lesson 18 – Four Choices
Lesson 19 – Three Magic Questions
Lesson 20 – Listen with Your Eyes
Lesson 21 – Echo Back


Lesson 22 – Silently Repeat the Speaker’s WORDS
Lesson 23 – Enter a Room Listening
Lesson 24 – Act “As If” It’s Interesting
Lesson 25 – Motivating Others – Hot and Pride Buttons
Lesson 26 – If Only I Had the Time – What WOULD You Do?
Lesson 27 – Q T I P: Quit Taking It Personally
Lesson 28 – What’s Plan B?
Lesson 29 – Fear = Lack of Knowledge
Lesson 30 – Let There Be P’s on Earth!
Lesson 31(FINAL)  Ethos, Pathos, Logos, and Laugh-os