Ready, Set, ENGAGE Course

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How to TAP in, TUNE in & TURN on Your Workforce!
Kelli Vrla, CSP

Employee Engagement: What is it? Why is it important? How can you do it right?

Less than one-third of employees are actively engaged in their jobs! Based on a recent HR Solutions’ survey, only 27 percent of employees are ‘Actively Engaged.’ The remaining 73 percent is divided between ‘Ambivalent’ employees (60 percent) and ‘Actively Disengaged’ employees (13 percent).

Actively engaged employees are more interested in their work, can be more productive, can care more about the quality of what they produce, & are more likely to positively impact your organization.

Embrace the Power of OPA: Optimize, Personalize, & Actualize TODAY!

Ready Set Engage - Gifts

When you graduate from this course, you will receive downloadable versions of Kelli Vrla’s “READY, SET, ENGAGE!” eBook and Audio Book!


2 reviews for Ready, Set, ENGAGE Course

  1. adminnocodrones (verified owner)

    Wow, I was impressed. I found the course entertaining, engaging and most of all usefully functional. I’ve framed my certificate and hung it in my office. Another noteworthy result is the pay raise I received for having this arrow in my quiver.

  2. Robyn Millheim

    Kelli is an AMAZING TEACHER!!! Her energy and excitement about engaging employees are contagious! I started the course last week and I didn’t want to leave my computer. I have a lot of years of management training under my belt, but Kelli’s enthusiastic viewpoint was a real eye-opener! She’s priceless!

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