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Today’s Question: “Thank you for the awesome talk. Please kindly send me the notes.  “What are 3 ways to better one’s speaking skills?”

Quick answer to your questions: Practice, Practice, Practice :0)

Now the real answer:

Seriously, 1) Speak often (to any group who will listen. Volunteer to recap 5-minutes from conference notes. Always try to ask a question in public gatherings for practice speaking in front of groups.

2) Using notes is okay–just remember to not sound like you’re reading: Read with your head down (mouth closed) THEN Speak with your head UP. Pause, check notes, look up and deliver more info, rinse , repeat…

3) Cut out the “Ah, Mmmm, Uhh” by keeping mouth closed in between sentences.
4) Pause more to let them soak the info in.
5) Care more about getting the message across than how you look when delivering!
6) Remember there are always 3 presentations when you speak:
1. The one you planned
2. The one you did
3. The one they take away (ideas and messeges) –Always tell them what you want them to KNOW/DO/FEEL when they leave; tell them this early (right up front) and tell them mid way through, then tell them again just before they leave.

Whey! How’s that for overdelivering on your request! I believe that’s actually about 10 things! Now go try some of these tips  and email me to report how it goes! THX–enjoy the journey! Kelli V.

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