Create New Habits

Greetings! So how’s your habit changing going?

Sometimes we find our life-enhancements (or lack of fulfilling them) pack on more stress.

Here’s an example of my resolutions over the last 3 years:

2 Years Ago: I resolve to join a gym and work out every single day!
Last Year (revised): I resolve to join a gym and work out 3x a week.
This Year : I resolve to drive by my gym at least 3x a week.

Don’t let the stress of new habits get to you.
Give yourself a break and take credit for trying to
create a new habit. Remember, it takes at least 21 days to change a habit. That means in order to
start or stop doing something, it will take time before it feels comfortable.

Work through the discomfort by knowing you’re being positive and proactive. The discomfort
is actually a good sign of your growing pains.

Stay focused on your new habits. Print them on a large sheet of paper and hang them on your
desk at work or on your mirror at home–somewhere you will see them often.

Don’t overload yourself with new things.

 If you have a long list of improvements (or self remodeling,
as I like to call it) then only tackle one or two before moving on.

Changing habits should feel like tweaking tune-ups, not major overhauls.

Soon the newer habits will replace old ones with more productive ways to do things.
Remember, you’re either moving toward your goal or away from it. You can only inhale or
exhale at once–you cannot do both at the same time. Focus on the end result of what you’re new
habits will accomplish.

 Stay light!

Training Tip: Move motivational posters around your staff’s office area. This helps achieve a
“new” look and keeps them from becoming part of the wallpaper. Consider rotating them on a
regular basis.

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