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Have a Windex-Fixes-All Kinda New Year!

If you saw Big Fat Greek Wedding, you know that Windex plays heavily in the  Greek home to fix all ills.  I do recall a lot of it at my grandparents house, so maybe they got a huge case of  it when they arrived dockside at Ellis Island back in 1906: “Hi, welcome to America: here’s your case of Windex–it fixes everything! ”

Wish I could fix all with one neat sweep!  Here are a few Quick Tips to tackle your New Year Resolutions /challenges in bite-sized pieces: 

1. CLARIFY your goals for the year. Make a bucket list of things important to you–not necessarily to everyone else. You will be more motivated when you’re passionately connected with your authentic goals.

2. COMMIT: GET A WITNESS!   Pick someone you consider a dream supporter, NOT a dream squasher! Ask them to ask you if you did that one task  by a certain deadline. Tell them your reward/consequence if you did or didn’t.  They can be on the celebration side if you did. Ask them to come up with a negative consequence if you don’t do the step.

3. CANCEL  clutter, things, activities…yes, even toxic people from your world. Renew your relationship with your “Delete” key and go on a ‘Delete Fest” with spam emails, unsubscribe to mailing lists, clear out duplicate files (digital and paper), stop going to those boring parties, meetings, events, and just say “no” to the vampire life-sucking people who hang on because you allow it.

4. CREATE the energy-building connections you crave. Be proactive. Stop waiting for opportunities to ride up on that white horse; make them happen-one step at a time.

5.  CONCENTRATE and REINFORCE your goals with obvious visual cues: signage on your desk,  PC, mirror, near your clock, etc.

6. CELEBRATE and ACCELERATE! Have your own Prize Closet. Stock it with things and outings to reward your diligence. Indulge yourself in  . something you’ve always wanted to do.  Some people have a guilty pleasure of just hiding away for a few precious minutes and reading.  You’d be surprised how a simple pleasure can really recharge your spirits.

Alright, now, go out there and use that WINDEX! You have at least 6 different squirts to choose from.  OPA!  

Employee Engagement

A Pathway to Employee Engagement

Does your organization pass the “ Smile Test?”

Do people smile when coming toward it, or when they’re running away from it? Connectivity can be a powerful force to optimize your success. 

In today’s crazy work world, keeping your team engaged is critical to ensure a thriving organization. When your team is into their work, they get more done, feel pumped, and help create a cool vibe at work that spurs innovation.

So, what’s this employee engagement thing all about, and how can you make it happen?

Understanding Employee Engagement

In a nutshell, it’s about making your workplace feel like an awesome place for your team to make the magic happen for those you serve. It’s not just about employees liking their job; it’s about them feeling emotionally attached to your company’s mission and values. You can create a vibe that literally transforms your culture. 

How do you get your team to go all-in? Well, a few key things come into play:

Meaningful Work

Let your team do stuff that matters. When their work is exciting and meaningful, they’re more likely to be all in.

Trust in Leadership

Be the kind of leader your team can count on. When they trust you, they’ll feel more valued and engaged.

Goals that Make Sense

Help your team see how their work fits into the big picture. When they know they’re making a difference, they’ll be more stoked to do their best.

Room to Grow

Give your team chances to level up. Whether it’s through training or new challenges, when they see opportunities to grow, they’ll be more into it.

Awesome Relationships

Make sure your team gets along like peanut butter and jelly. When they feel supported and valued by their coworkers, they’ll be happier and more engaged.

Company Pride

Help your team be proud to be part of your crew. Show off your company’s values and achievements, and let them know they’re making a positive impact.

But hey, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes stuff gets in the way of engagement, like:


Make sure your team knows what’s up. When things are unclear, they’ll feel lost and disengaged.


Treat your team like the rock stars they are. When they feel respected, they’ll be way more into their work.


Keep the convo flowing. When you’re not keeping your team in the loop, they’ll feel left out and disengaged.


Let your team take charge. When they feel like they have control over their work, they’ll be more motivated to master their everyday challenges.


Give your team props for a job well done. When they know they’re doing awesome, they’ll keep bringing their A-game.

Bottom line? Make your workplace feel like a place they belong and your team will be happier, more productive, and ready to take on the world.

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